September 19, 2021
The delicate process of aging often comes with a need for a little extra help accomplishing tasks. That may be as simple as an additional hand for meal preparations and housekeeping, but it can become as robust as 24/7 caregiver services. From companionship to round-the-clock care, JK Healthcare Services (more commonly known as JK Healthcare) extends personalized and professional services to those patients in need.

Following a free consultation and creation of a customized goal-oriented healthcare plan, JK Healthcare works with a patient toward his or her specialized needs. This business is based in Mt. Kisco, New York, and serves the greater region in that state. And it serves these individuals with plans that match specifically what a patient might require for the most productive and active life ahead. Those services include, but are not limited to, help with bathing and cooking, assistance maintaining medical care and medicines, emotional support to lift the spirits, light housekeeping help and diligent monitoring of the caregiving process, especially as needs change with time.

Personalized, professional, compassionate care is at the fingertips of those growing older and experiencing difficulties with life’s many challenges. JK Healthcare in New York is there to help.
March 22, 2021
A free consultation leads the journey to a healthful partnership with JK Healthcare Services, also known as JK Healthcare. This New York-based brand takes on a personalized approach to professional and caring service. The free consultation, extended to all interested parties, provides a personal goal-oriented plan. It begins the process of gaining assistive service from JK Healthcare and service that is customized to each patient as well as caregiver.

Consultations are provided in the home or at a potential patient’s facility. This also helps a caregiver identify any present obstacles or living arrangement difficulties that may factor into the personalized care plan. For example, a specific model of shower may make bathing on one’s own increasingly challenging as health deteriorates. JK Healthcare can note this possible roadblock in care and address it with the prepared plan by adding bathing assistance to the patient’s needs.

JK Healthcare offers a vast variety of services to patients, from meal prep and companionship to 24/7 accessibility to assistance and direct medical care administration. Its caregivers are available on an as-needed basis, so patients may require part-time or full-time care or even a live-in caregiver for that comprehensive round-the-clock help. It all starts with a consultation though, offered entirely free from JK Healthcare.